- Einstein Testing -

I've been a huge fan of Paul C Buff kit since I first got my hands on a single Alien Bee 800, it's compact size, power & ease of use made it perfect for my needs. 

AB800 + Beauty Dish

AB800 + Beauty Dish

Example of the super simple setup I used for years with my single Alien Bee 800 & the fantastic 22" white beauty dish. Boomed high & aiming down has allowed me to capture a lot of effective moody light portraits.  

As much as Ive enjoyed using it, I wanted to expand my setup.

I've gone with the Paul C Buff Einsteins, I trust their gear, once again the spec list impresses & I was sold. 

Time to test so I setup for a self portrait... 

2x Einsteins - one bare head & one 22" beauty dish - Powered by Vagabond mini.     

2x Einsteins - one bare head & one 22" beauty dish - Powered by Vagabond mini.  


Easily overpowering the late afternoon sun, & with the Cybersync triggers allowing me to control all functions from a central point, I was able to just have fun shooting :) 

My 'Hooptie' Ride - good times ;)

My 'Hooptie' Ride - good times ;)

- Kicking it off -

Thank you for finding me, & welcome :)





My site is linked to all of my social media, where you'll see all kinds of shots popping up from end work to behind the scenes photos. Everyone loves behind the scenes shots right?

Then you have all the 'gear' photos, ones either of my bags packed & ready or of new kit. 

I contribute heavily to Fueltopia.co.uk as a contributor but running my own blog with content I can't share there is something I've wanted to do for ages. This blog is therefore it :)

Through here I will try and explain a bit more about those behind the scenes shots and give an insight into what I do. 

Till next time.